How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

Me again! I hope you’re having a great day.  I feel terrific getting things done around the house.  Now that I’ve prepared a couple dishes for this week, it’s time to wash bedding and consult my “Cinderella Homemaker” board on Pinterest to try a new glass cooktop cleaning technique from Behind the Studio.  You can access their blog and written […]

The Weekend is Here! Homemaking Time!

Good morning friends! It’s a relaxing Saturday morning at Casa de Santee.  Jeremy volunteered to work for a co-working this morning, so this working girl is homemaking today.  I would always prefer to have Jeremy here with me.  He’s my best friend after all.  However, when he’s engaged in something away from home, I love doing projects around the house that will bless […]

Hello world!

Hello world! It’s so nice to meet you!  Thank you for stopping in.  I hope you’ll stay a while.  I look forward to knowing you better.  As for me, I’m on a wonderfully crazy adventure through a not-so-ordinary life.  Just as my husband promised when we wed, there’s never a dull moment!  In this season, […]