100% Fully Funded!!!

Jeremy and I are excited to announce that we have reached our goal of $20,000 and are 100% fully funded for our adoption of Baby Santee!!! We want to thank all of you who have prayed, encouraged, supported and of course given to help us reach our goal.  It is very humbling and we truly feel grateful for all […]

Happy 9th Anniversary My Love

Nine years ago today I woke up twitterpated with the thought that by the day’s end, I would be Mrs. Santee, the adoring wife of the handsome Jeremy Santee. I spent the morning in prayer with my Heavenly Father, overcome with gratitude for the grand blessing he was bestowing upon me. Then, I waltzed through the […]

Writer’s Cramp

Oh. My. Goodness.  We’re finally done with all of our adoption paperwork.  Between our applications, medical forms, insurance forms, personal references, pastoral references, employer forms, financial documents, fingerprints, background checks, etc., we’ve submitted nearly EIGHTY pages of documentation. It’s amazing how much introspection takes places during the paperwork portion of adoption.  It feels so foreign […]


Last night we had a fantastic time at Outpouring, a fundraising event for Bethany Christian Services!  We loved hearing from several great speakers who shared their family’s adoption story.  Birth parents, adopted children, and adopting families were all represented beautifully through stories, photos, and music.  We couldn’t help but feel a little emotional throughout the […]