Santee Adoption Fundraising Garage Sale!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  God is good, and so are the people of this community!!!  The Santee Adoption Fundraising Garage Sale was a great success!!!!  Thank you so much everyone!!!

As we sat with our family and friends and counted each dollar raised, it was as if the funds were multiplying right there in front of our eyes.  I was literally speechless as we calculated the total and spoke the outcome.  God is good.

As we all sat around our kitchen table, red faced from the sun and blissfully exhausted, I really could not find the words to share what I was feeling.  I stared at my husband, and searched for words.  I came up empty.  I am in awe.

Every single donated item from the hearts of friends and homes of strangers found new homes, and we were blessed.  Stacie had the brilliant idea to post on Facebook that every item remaining in the last hour of our garage sale was free to anyone who in need.  Together, Adam, Katrina, Stacie, my dad and mom, Jeremy, and I helped people load everything up.  Almost everything cleared out.  The fabulous breakfast burritos Adam and Katrina made had sold out early in the day, and almost all of their baked goods were gone as well.  Stacie brought delicious drinks to accompany the yummy food, and everyone loved it!  Everything was so, so, perfect.

We didn’t price most of our garage sale items, yet everyone was so generous and loving.  Some people even stopped by just to share their adoption stories with us, because they had seen our ads in the local paper and online.  All day long was packed full of stories from those who were adopted themselves, those who had adopted, and even one who had placed their daughter up for adoption over forty years ago.  There were lots of tears, lots of smiles, lots of prayer and encouragement.  What a day.  What a God who cares for our every need.  It’s so, so, SO COOL when He asks you to trust Him and then you experience the fulfillment of His promises.

On that note, I’m ready to collapse into bed with my husband and rest.

Thank you again to everyone who played a part in this wonderful day.  We appreciate you, and we’re grateful for your support.


Above: Kicking the Day Off


Above: The Dream Team


Above: Wrapping the Day Up

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